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Wholesale Questionnaire Survey

Thank you for your support of JCVAP. It will take you a few minutes to complete the table below, so that we can better assist you. After receiving your message, we usually need 1 business day to process your request and reply to you via email. Please pay attention to the email you submitted.Thank you!

Live Chat for Wholesale Request

We are online on business day from 8:30am to 12:00am Hong Kong time and from 1:30pm to 6:30pm.

Asia/Hong_Kong Time Now: Wed 17 April 2024, 16:34 PM

Contact Your Exclusive Customer Service

Hobart Liu

Hobart is a sales manager primarily responsible for marketing and operating the company’s products,Very familiar with the product, you can contact him for after-sales issues

Alice Yuan

Alice is the deputy manager of the company with seven years of global sales experience, proficient in thousands of products, familiar with customs clearance procedures in various countries, and able to solve various unexpected situations

John Li

The founder of the company is mainly responsible for product development and website maintenance. He is mainly responsible for connecting with customers with a larger scale of over 10000 US dollars

Vicky Huang

 Vicky has three years of sales experience and am familiar with the industry. You can contact her anytime during work hours

9 Steps To Finish Wholesale Process On JCVAP

You can reach to us via email:service@jcvap.com

Or click on the real-time chat icon in the right bottom.

Support on social media is also available as below:

Why do we need to conduct a questionnaire survey?

This questionnaire survey can provide us with a preliminary understanding of your company in the first place, so that we can better assist you in the future. At the same time, our team will also make the correct product category quotation based on the information you submitted.

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After receiving your wholesale questionnaire survey, we will arrange for the salesperson to communicate with you as soon as possible and provide you with the best product category quotation table in a targeted manner.

After receiving the quotation form, please contact our sales personnel and let us know the products you are interested in. Normally, we can provide you with samples at wholesale prices. If the sample quantity is relatively small and the shipping cost far exceeds the sample cost, you may need to pay additional shipping and other fees, such as customs clearance duties.
If you are satisfied with our products and services, we can proceed to the next step.

Of course, if you have any dissatisfaction, please let us know as soon as possible, and our team will try our best to solve your problem

Usually, we confirm the recipient information, product name, brand, model/specification, unit price, quantity, and amount on the contract. Then we will confirm the production time and shipping date, transportation method, import and export port, and compensation terms in case of accidents.

It would be best if we could confirm the content of the commercial invoice according to your request and send it to you.

Commitment and Guarantee

Firstly, after the customer makes the payment, JCVAP promises to deliver the goods strictly according to the agreed time. In case of any special circumstances that cause a delay in the order, we will compensate according to the contract, except for force majeure factors such as earthquakes and typhoons.

Secondly, if there are quality issues with the product, you only need to contact our sales personnel or have your customers keep evidence to contact us. We will have an after-sales team to assist in repairing or replacing the product.

We support company to company wire transfers to keep your payment safe.

The normal production process takes 7-15 days, depending on the situation.

The transportation methods we support include DHL, UPS, and Ocean

We will continue to follow up on the transportation status of the package and keep in touch with you until the package is confirmed as signed for

Our wholesale partners

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