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Payment Failed

Sorry, your payment failed. No charges were made.

Solutions on credit card payment fail

Do not honor

    Please make a call to your issue bank to verify the order and reply to service@jcvap.com. We will ask payment processor to re-deduct.It usually will succeed once verified.


The following 2 steps are must to recover High-Risk Order

  1. Make a call to your issue bank to verify the order and reply to service@jcvap.com.
  2. Email a picture of the credit card to us

    Once we received your email,we will ask payment processor to re-deduct.

Insufficient funds error

    Cash App,Discover Card,Venmo Card will appear this error.Please try other type of card

    Refill the funds on your bank account in order to fix this error.

24 Hours more repeat fail

    If order repeat failed over 4 times,this error will appear.Please try 24 hours later.Our payment processor can only process 1 order/(person*24 hours)

Card declined error

    Contact your bank to find out why exactly the payment was not allowed. Cooperate with the bank to allow future payments to Iconfinder by confirming that this is an authorised payment and that we are a trustworthy merchant

Transaction not permitted to acquirer/terminal

   Unknown Reason. Please send email to service@jcvap.com to get help.

Normal questions for Fail:

  • Why total amount is different from billing amount?

    The order is a international payment,It has 1%-5% payment fees varies from different country and different bank.The payment processor still have issue to merge the fee to billing.

  • Why bill address is strange address instead of jcvap.com?

    We have to share the same payment processor with other website since the global strict on vape shopping.

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