Payment Failed

Sorry, your payment failed. No charges were made.

Reasons why credit card payments fail

1>Transaction blocked error

     Solution:If you get this error, you need to contact your bank, ask for more information, and cooperate with your bank to allow future payments for Iconfinder.

2>Card declined error

     Solution:Contact your bank to find out why exactly the payment was not allowed. Cooperate with the bank to allow future payments to Iconfinder by confirming that this is an authorised payment and that we are a trustworthy merchant.

 3>Insufficient funds error

     Solution:Refill the funds on your bank account in order to fix this error.

4>Card expired error

     Solution:Retry the payment with another card by adding it to your Payment settings.

5>Incorrect card number error

     Solution:Please update your card details on Iconfinder by going to Payment settings.