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JCVAP Pockety Vaporizer(Concentrate)

(6 customer reviews)


The Pockety vaporizer is not the world first smart device combines the fuction vape dry herb and concentrate together.But it’s the first device use 5 Directions ceramic heating technology.The temperature sensor assembled in heating cup makes temperature control more accurately.Based on these technologies,it can make sure vape temperature produced on each point is almost the same.To let you get pure flavor of vape.That’s biggest difference of Pockety from other device on the market.

When using the concentrate mode,you can switch different inserts for the chamber:AlN,Quartz,SiC,Titanium and Ruby Insert and so so.You can also use 3rd party device have correct size on the market.JCVAP is always open to community.

For the dry herb mode,Pockety are the first device use 5D ceramic heating technology which is different from most device using ceramic heating rod,You only know how good the taste is by experience. Because the sensor is directly attached to the heating bowl, There is no need to speculate on the temperature of herb.What you set is what you get.

If you have any questions, or need additional photos, feel free to DM us on IG @jcvaptech .

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Package Includes

1 x Pockety Battery Base

1 x Pockety 5D Chambers

1 x Replacement Glass

1 x Quartz Insert

1 x SS Brush

1 x Loading Tool

1 x USB-C Cable

5 x Dust Free Cotton Swaps

Instruction Manual and Leather Case

How To Use

1.Fully Charge the device before first use.The charging icon isfull means fully charged.

2.Fill glass with water just above the air-holes.Do not fill water while the glass attached to the device.

3.Align glass airfow hole on the front of the glass withchamber.push the glass to the base carefully.

4.Open/Close the device,hold down the power button 2 seconds.

5.Adjust screen brightness,Hold Power button down,then click “+”,“-”button to increase or decrease brightness

6.Switch mode,press the power button 4 times to switch between concentrate mode and dry herb mode.

7.Switch temperature unit,Click the “+”,”-”button at the same time.

8.Heat setting,Click “+”,”-” button to increase or decrease setting temperature.

9.Use loading tool to place contents on the bottom surface of the bowl.

10.Place carb cap on the top of chamber.Press down untilsnug,Use the included chamber jacket & lether to keep it safe during use.

11.Initiate heat-up/exit,Double click the power button.Pulsing light indicates heat-up mode isactive.Screen will show real time temperature change.

12.Device will vibrate and light will flash twice when ready.Inhaling gently will produce the best results.

13.Use a cotton swab to clean the chamber after each use. Wipe gently in a circular motion.

Weight 700 g

Quartz Chamber, AlN Chamber, SiC Chamber, Ruby Chamber, Titanium Chamber

6 reviews for JCVAP Pockety Vaporizer(Concentrate)

    JCVAP Pockety Vaporizer(Concentrate) photo review
    August 17, 2023
    With all the erigs currently on the market the pockety is a true top contender. From the moment i opened the package to after the honeymoon period wore off i still feel like nothing short of a terp slurper and torch competes. Everything from the accuracy of the temperature control, the sleek build and feel in hand, glass vapor pathway and the sensational flavour translation even off a quartz insert let alone the ruby insert drive this unit to be the pinnacle of current erigs. The on screen display of temps and coloured settings are a breeze to navigate and are far superior to having to pair to an app. Battery life is perfect for the size and heft of the unit. I can easily get 30 nice dabs from a full charge running for the set time around low to mid 500's. The insert dish size is very accomodating for larger sized dabs too. Clean up is stupid simple and a cue tip easily collects any residual oil left effortlessly. In terms of the 3d vs 5d, its noticeably different and produces greater amounts of denser vapor more easily. Side by side with a peak pro i feel the pockety produces more definition in flavour and noticeably denser clouds. The design of the matrix heating maze on the 5d heater is very tight vs other designs from competitors, I would assume that this a factor for the exceptional flavour and vast cloud production. Both atomizers are easily soakable yet Jcvap offer replacement parts and a rebuildable/disassemblable build. im over 500 dabs in on my first pockety unit and ive ordered a second one for dry top use with the whip attachment. Pricing was the selling point personally. After owning a peak pro and 3d chamber and having multiple problems with atomizers syncing and flashing lights, problems with pairing through side loading apps (no official app support in my country) i eventually gave up and went back to the torch, At the price point of less than half a new peak pro or carta2 i took a chance with Jcvap and im glad i did.
    October 27, 2022
    Let me start by saying my experience with the Pockety has been a joy, as of writing this I've had my Pockety with SiC insert for a little over 36 hours, Never once has the Pockety let me down, the flavor has been great with each hit. The Sessions are just long enough to almost completely vaporize a normal size dab for a peak pro or comparable device. The Sic insert swabs clean everytime with a q-tip. I honestly can find no major flaws with the Pockety, giving it a good charge out of the box and you are ready to dab. This rig is a beast it rivals a small glass desk rig. The SiC with the Pockety's 5D heater heats up absurdly fast and stays at the temp you set. I own or have owned a very large selection of E-Rigs and this one has quickly become my favorite and will be my daily use device. If you are hesitant on buying yet another E-rig to be let down on the first dab, do yourself a favor grab a Pockety with insert of choice and Enjoy your dabbing experience. I am just amazed at how well the Pockety functions, the team at JCVAP did their homework before jumping into the market and it really shows. In short The Pockety is a well thought out device that comes in nicely priced when comparing similar devices. (even better if you got one of the discount off codes) Hands down for the money vs experience delivered by an E-Rig the Pockety sits at the top. I look forward to seeing what the JCVAP team can deliver in the future after this stellar device!
    October 20, 2022
    The flavour on this unit truly is amazing It hits hard but tastes so good, it brings out extra flavours that you don't normally taste The hit rocks you and you never burn the dab with the thermocouple temp sensor and clean up a breeze as a result
    October 20, 2022
    This device is brilliant The pockety absolutely rocks !!! I picked up one after seeing the flnflx-50 code shared to get 50% off!!! I didn't know if was real at first and was super surprised and excited when the codes actually worked and a pockety with sic cost $145!! I currently have a sic and quartz (and look forward to trying the ruby and ALN also) and the dabs taste amazing with easy clean up I have a lot of rigs and this one truly is a step above others, a more refined experience I have a Daab that I modded to run sic (actually a jcvap polished OG peak dish) and it was a DD - the pockety has taken over this spot now You can a similar experience with a modded sic Daab - but it has a manual aspect to it - the pockety with thermocouple temp sensor control just does all the work for you, set temp, draw when ready and enjoy. It keeps the dab at the correct temp the entire time until your dab has finished - and the flavour is amazing, so terpy and keeps on giving draw after draw. There are extra flavours and notes to the taste that are extra to usual as it never burns the dab or cools down as you go Perfect experience with little to no effort It cleans up so easy with just a couple of mouth moistened qtips The glass airpath is super easy to get a qtip through for cleaning It tastes so good and hits hard - a great size too compared to my other setups, comes with a great padded carry bag with lots of room and a shoulder strap I truly am impressed with this release from jcvap and can't wait to try the other inserts As a first release this is brilliant, it definitely beats puffco for performance value for money vs performance - I've seen some who have both say this is better! I think if this is jcvaps entry level device they are going to do great things in the erig department with future releases and upgrades This is real competition for the big names at a more affordable price and competitive performance Great work jcvap I'm very happy with this device and look forward to your future endeavours in this space Congratulations on an absolutely amazing first product release This is truly dabbing in style while getting hard hits at the same time and is easy to use from start to clean up Currently in a new love affair with the pockety
    JCVAP Pockety Vaporizer(Concentrate) photo review
    JCVAP Pockety Vaporizer(Concentrate) photo review
    JCVAP Pockety Vaporizer(Concentrate) photo review
    October 18, 2022
    First things first if you’re thinking about buying this jcvap pockety do not hesitate because I do not know if they are going to sell out ,I was hesitant not seeing reviews but let me tell you this thing is amazing if you’ve used to puffco ,the carta the ,Dabbado ,gpen connect, yocan pens ,e nails , homemade box mods, litterly anything on the the market I’ve tried, this thing is kills it ,it blows them out of the water the 5d chamber that heats up all sides of the HUGE dish evenly is the best thing on the market ,I use the torch and Rig with a terp slurper every day multiple times a day this thing holds up so well I’ll be putting up the torch for a while ,the flavors great, the dish huge, the heat up fast, the Charge hold very long about 14 dabs ( each dabs I blew out 5 -6 clouds of smoke) , and a very quick recharge, comes with a ball cap and tether already no need to upgrade like others come perfect carrying case that hold charger,stainless steel brush ,dab stick ,qtips ,e-rig ,cap, extra quartz dish ( also you can upgrade to SiC,AIN,Ruby,titanium dishes) and two large pockets for anything else I could fit about 5 standard wax jars and comes with a shoulder strap ! …..other things the live temp screen is so smart, it also shows the amount of “puffs” which is cool no app needed, show battery bar not just leds which is also helpful the glass has a led that lights up while dabbing and vibrates as well to let know when reaches temp and while session is ending , again the dish is huge the cap moves the puddle around great and no splash on cap or spillover Iam using quartz and have seen no Chazzing been dabbing around 320c check Ig:Thebakedclam for some videos (Mabey a code ?), I have used the dry herb vaporizer once since I don’t want to get the herb flavor stuck in this oil rig but it works nicely the flavor was great it did not burn, seriously buy this if you are considering!!!
    JCVAP Pockety Vaporizer(Concentrate) photo review
    JCVAP Pockety Vaporizer(Concentrate) photo review
    JCVAP Pockety Vaporizer(Concentrate) photo review
    Jacob Cook
    October 14, 2022
    A super honest review. If you've used a puffco pro before, that's a good reference point. The 5d chamber blows the puffco out of the park, legitimately. It blows the normal atomizer super super out of the park, and the 3d atomizer it still does. It's better than both for sure for sure. I personally got the ALN option after already having the regular ALN ica (for the puffco pro) for well over a year. The bowl has lasted the entire time and hasn't cracked, which for me makes it a huge value considering the inexpensive cost (in my opinion). The device and 5d chamber preform well above the puffco pro. I'd like for there to be different glass options, or at least an adapter to put it through a bong. However, if anyone has a typical puffco pro adapter, pull out the cord. I just used that and it plugs into my bong very nicely. You kind of have to make shift a way to hold it down so the cord doesn't bend and you still get airflow. Very worthwhile. I can't speak for sure how many dabs kills the battery, but it is a long time. I hoped there would be an option for replaceable batteries when I read 18650 batteries, but it makes sense why it isn't. The battery lasts a long time, even with the "5d" functionality. I've had it for several days and have ran a ton of dabs through it and have only had to charge it twice. Something else I'd like to mention is how efficient the atomizer is. It stays clean because it uses the entire dab. It vaporizes it completely. When I unscrew the atomizer, after several days, I don't see any wax residue. That's impressive to me. I haven't had a device that is like this. I've tried the dtv5, puffco pro, carta, high five duo and now this. For overall functionality, I like this the most. I get all that I have wanted really. I don't really have any complaints. It can handle high temps and not burn the dab. Whether you like stuff like 420 or even lower degrees, or as high as 510 degrees (that's the most that I'll do). It functions really well for however. I only use hash rosin. Wipe out after every dab, and it looks as new as the day that I got it. The bowl comes out really easily to torch (to clean). Just warm up the atomizer a little, and then pull it out and unscrew to get the bowl out. Torch the bowl, alcohol and dry the rest. Easiest clean ever. I am very satisfied. There are some features you don't get with this, like an application mainly. It makes up with huge huge performance upgrade in my opinion, for a fraction of the cost overall. I am looking forward to what else they do with their company. They've helped me get the most out of my puffco, and now my overall dabbing experience.
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I have no idea what AIN or SIC means. What use cases are best for which chamber material?



The AlN is short for Aluminium Nitride,it's famous for high thermal conductivity Exceedingly High Thermal Conductivity of 200 w / m / K – 133x Greater Than Quartz The SiC is short for Silicone Carbide,It's a very hard material and can be polished as mirror,So it's easy to be cleaned with shinny surface,in addition it also have good thermal conductivity. Of course the AlN have better flavor for better thermal conductivity.If money have no problem we recommend the aln.

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JCVAP Pockety Vaporizer(Concentrate)
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