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Whip for Pro Anti WaterAbsorption Glass


The JCVAP Whip makes a bridge between the puffco peak pro and water glass bang.As different from other competitors on the market.The anti water absorption glass replacement can avoid you vape water,and it can fill water as a glass filter for your puffco peak pro alone.In addition,The silicone pipe has a silicone adaptor cap which can perfect connect the official glass with perfect seal.

Package Includes:

1 x Anti water absorption glass replacement

1 x Silicone Pipe

1 x Silcone Adaptor

1 x Aluminium connnector

1 x 10mm+14mm+18mm Glass Adaptor


Weight 450 g

Jade Blue, Jade Green, Black, Blue, Green


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Whip for Pro Anti WaterAbsorption Glass
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