JCVAP Supreme AlN Insert for Puffco Peak Pro

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This AlN Insert Can’t be directly used on puffco peak pro without a JCVAP sensor part.Titanium Heater is recommendedfor AlN Insert.

Reach to 520 °F when using white light.

We suggest add a repair kit as well to rebuild the peak pro atomizer.

What’s the difference between original AlN insert and supreme aln insert?

The supreme version mirror polished outside wall makes it looks more shinny.The quality better and more stable since massive produce and enough time to produce.

DISCLAIMER:  This item is not a puffco official product or endorsed by Puffco in any way,

This is an aftermarket product engineered by JCVAP Co.,Ltd to function in the Puffco Peak Pro device based on average measurements of many different Peak Pro units. By using this product, you acknowledge and agree that JCVAP is in no way liable or responsible for Puffco products or their respective warranties, nor is JCVAP responsible for Puffco product malfunctions and / or variance.




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Peak Pro

JCVAP is the best 3rd party peak pro accessories supplier in the industry,with over 3 years of experience.
Weight 50 g

11 reviews for JCVAP Supreme AlN Insert for Puffco Peak Pro

  1. msenfftleben697

    The flavor and vapor quality you can achieve with this insert is amazing.. great insert for the price worth every penny

  2. Victor G.

    Best insert I have ever tried! The heat retention is amazing, easy to clean, and heats up quickly.

  3. ramiro2.davila5

    It’s dope a most have

  4. Steven S.

    The only one I use now! Love it!

  5. Angel

    Way better than the stock ceramic bucket that comes with the pro. Can’t go wrong this or the ruby. Get the extra hot heater

  6. Grayson

    I love the insert definitely on pare with other companies quality that are hyped up but my heater isn’t working right now so I’m waiting to get another heater before I review the long term use.

  7. Trevor S.

    Some discoloration in the insert but didn’t effect the taste or performance!

  8. Brandon L.

    Good quality

  9. Nate Anderson

    This insert is super fire. 100% worth every penny. I prefer my peak with this insert over my rig with high quality quartz.

  10. 1000cats

    I bought this insert (using on the standard Ti heater) and the fully assembled Ruby extra hot version. I think both perform the same and are a big upgrade to the stock chamber. I can run both hotter without the hits getting harsh and my terp pearl spins easier in both compared to the puffco stock. Both are super easy to clean and keep looking brand new. I was expecting the AlN to be more white in color from the pictures. What showed up is light-gray next to the white ceramic top ring. Other than that, it seems high quality and nicely finished. The stock chambers are now back-ups; both the ruby and AlN are way better in every way.

  11. math_sublime

    Got the original one and yeah it gets some darker spots early on, apart of that flavor is A1, shiny polish makes it easier to clear than stock ati, and u get better vapor production. I bought the original ceramis heater beacause I usually go for lower temps, but I found it difficult to produce any vapor. I just got the new Extra hot ceramic heater and It is perfect, I had to lower my blue setting from 510to 480-490 since it was almost burning, a must, but I wish I had wait for the Supreme and the extra hot heater. Thx for all JCVAP, but maybe contact us if we buy the wrong heater for the insert.

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