ICA Fully Built Atomizer with Clear Quartz Insert and Titanium Heater

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The ICA(Insert Changeable Atomzier) Chamber allow us to change your insert withing  seconds.Only thing need to do is screw the top part and replace the insert.

Since the low heat diffusion of normal clear quartz insert,The temperature with titanium heater is 100 F lower than setting.If you want to product good vapor with the titanium insert,please heat twice.

We recommend the extra hot heater for the clear quartz to get good flavor and vapor.

Package Includes:

1 x ICA empty chamber

1 x Sensor

1 x Top ceramic ring

1 x Quartz Insert

Quartz insert outside diameter is 0.8mm smaller than top ceramic ring,there possible a little wobbles around but it’s normal,Basically meet the use requirements.

How to replace insert?

  1. Wash you hand clean.
  2. Please be sure to keep the atomizer vertical(So can keep the sensor don’t move and not fall off),Unscrew the top chamber.
  3. Replace the insert
  4. Hook the ceramic ring with your index finger to prevent it from moving or falling when screw it.When screw in 2 turns,Use a little force to press the insert bottom with your finger to prevent the bottom silicone pad from twisting,screw bottom chamber until it fully screwed.

How to fix the problem ICA chamber flash Red-Blue-Red-Blue light or White light?

Because the middle pin has no elasticity,it usually will cause the two side pins can’t touch well.Only thing need to do is drag out the side pins a little .Issue usually can be solved!



DISCLAIMER: This item is not a puffco official product or endorsed by Puffco in any way,This is an aftermarket product engineered by JCVAP Co.,Ltd to function in the Puffco Peak Pro device based on average measurements of many different Peak Pro units. By using this product, you acknowledge and agree that JCVAP is in no way liable or responsible for Puffco products or their respective warranties, nor is JCVAP responsible for Puffco product malfunctions and / or variance.


How to assemble the heater



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Weight 50 g
Sensor Option

with Titanium Shell Sensor, with Ceramic Shell Sensor

6 reviews for ICA Fully Built Atomizer with Clear Quartz Insert and Titanium Heater

  1. An Quiroga

    The ability to be able to take it apart is the reason why I bought this. I love repairable modular parts and the fact that Puffco makes you buy an entire atomizer is insane compared to JCVAP. Love the quality of this chamber and insert, can’t wait to change them out!

  2. Victor G.

    Amazing atomizer that heats up well and hot and lasts long. Easy to clean as well.

  3. joebilbow1

    I had to get this and an extra for the Opal. It is insane that Puffco hasnt made anything like this because its amazing! They know that people are going to want to be able to switch out inserts and not just “slip-in” inserts. With this you get to utilize the entire 40% bigger bowl that the pro offers! The silicone cover fits perfectly, looks great, works great! Only thing with this, I would recommend the xtra hot heater.

  4. Steven S.

  5. Paul

    John was very helpful, explaining the different ICA heaters and how they would work for me. I like low temp dabs so stuck with the standard Ti heater instead of the extra hot with my quartz ICA. The quartz is cleaner tasting than the original and is a lot easier to keep clean. So good I noe have the polished SiC on order!
    A great line of products and friendly helpful staff.

  6. Trevor S.

    The ica chambers are easy to clean!

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