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JCVAP Diamondium Insert Grade D for Peak Pro and Pockety

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$359.00 $305.15

Diamondium is trade name for a sophisticated nanocrystal. It has the chemical formula SiC and is a rare mineral, Silicon carbide is useful for commercial and industrial applications due to its hardness, optical properties and thermal conductivity.
This new substance will bring a completely new experience and unparalleled flavor to your dabbing.

Diamondium pearls(Grade D) are actually made of Moissanite .It is Single Crystal Silicon Carbide.
In nature, there are primarily three types of SiC, that is 3C-SiC, 4H-SiC and 6H-SiC
The crystal structure of Moissanite consists of a hexagonal lattice formed by silicon and carbon atoms(6H-SiC), with each unit cell containing six silicon atoms and six carbon atoms. This structure gives Moissanite its hardness and fire similar to that of diamonds.
These three structures have different thermal conductivities.

That means the thermal conductivity of Moissanite is more than twice that of ALN(Aluminum nitride).

What’s the difference between ordinary SiC insert and Diamondium insert?
1.The molecular structure is different. Traditional silicon carbide is 3C-SiC, while Diamondium insert is 6H-SiC.
2.Diamondium insert composed of nearly 99% silicon carbide, original SiC insert composed of about 90% silicon carbide and 10% other components, such as iron, nickel and carbon, etc.
3.Diamondium insert has a better thermal conductivity.

How to distinguish between Diamondium (Grade D) SiC and regular SiC?
You will know by shining a light on them with your mobile phone.

All the above data and information come from the following references:

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1 review for JCVAP Diamondium Insert Grade D for Peak Pro and Pockety

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  1. okay… let me start out this review with my journey of discovery of the importance of higher thermal conductivity materials and their vaping benefits for true performance boosting unlike anything else… when it all started for me was when first getting into ball vapes and realizing the differences of vapor production and awesome cloudage and better flavor and quality profiles was the jump from normal quartz to rubies, then normal sic. later on, when using Terp pearls in erigs and bangers, just the difference between regular normal sic and polycrystalline SiC was a huge jump and upgrade for me with the Pockety experience. it became my go-to top recommended must-have accessory to get with it due to the performance boosting factor being that good and necessary. naturally, after that, I knew and realized just how important thermal conductivity truly was and mattered, and so came the vast research, and of course came to the conclusion that Diamondium is amongst the very best that exists under actual REAL Diamonds lol… and knew I had to try it…. and lemme tell you guys; you seriously can’t comprehend just how incredibly amazing this material truly is to dab off of (along with a pearl of the same material), it’s utterly mind-blowing 🤯… the cleanest, most bright flavor you can fathom, and the cloudage is just neverending and relentlessly and continuously abundant, and cleaning it out is even more insane with how perfectly easy and efficiently wipeable without having to worry about chazzing or residue sticking on it whatsoever as it just glides right off without any effort whatsoever… it’s just seriously the ultimate endgame dream of a gamechanger… I seriously cannot put into words just how happy and amazing this insert and material honestly is, and if you can afford to actually grab one – I really don’t know how to recommend it enough (other than checking out the performance video I’ll be putting up on my YouTube channel soon enough to share with everyone it’s absolute incrediblenessness)…. Much love John, for everything you’ve been doing and the enthusiast-focused greatness that JCVAP continuously provides our community and actually listen to us and what we genuinely are looking for…. Keep up the amazing work!!!

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Monocrystal SiC is an exotic hard material that has only recently become commercially available. It is exceedingly difficult to produce and requires substantial amounts of energy and infrastructure.

This material is powering the future of high energy density electronics, especially pertaining to charging stations for electronic cars where extremely high levels of power dissipation are required. Beyond this, Monocrystal SiC has the potential to be utilized in a multitude of end use applications from defense industries,chips and semiconductors to medical implants and more.

Monocrystal SiC is produced through a highly refined process of essentially vaporizing high purity silicon carbide or SiC precursors and condensing the vapor atom by atom into an extremely high purity, monocrystal boule. This process gives the silicon carbide a perfect or near perfect monocrystal lattice structure, which massively increases its thermal conductivity by comparison to ceramic silicon carbides, or virtually any other hard material on the planet (other than diamond). This process also creates a 99.9999% pure material that is extremely homogenous and has little to no inconsistency whatsoever.

Thermal conductivity of 490 w/m/k yields an unprecedentedly low operating temperature as little as 330*F, which is far lower than any other vaporization surface currently available on the market.

Low specific heat capacity coupled with high conductivity yields fastest heating of any vaporization surface (Thermal Diffusivity)

The exceedingly low emissivity coefficient that results from mirror polishing yields an extremely slow rate of cooling. On a thermal camera, this product will appear to be similar to background / room temperature even when above 500* Fahrenheit.

Torches clean in only seconds thanks to it’s ultra thermal diffusivity.

Nontoxic & Biocompatible.

Melting point of over 5,000*F.

If you have any questions, or need additional photos, feel free to DM us on IG @jcvaptech or email us at

Weight 50 g

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DiamondiumJCVAP Diamondium Insert Grade D for Peak Pro and Pockety
$359.00 $305.15
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