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Diamondium Grade B Terp Pearls

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Low specific heat capacity coupled with high conductivity yields fastest heating of any vaporization surface (Thermal Diffusivity).
This new substance will bring a completely new experience and unparalleled flavor to your dabbing.

Diamondium pearls(Grade B) are actually made of Moissanite .It is Single Crystal Silicon Carbide(Monocrystal SiC).
In nature, there are primarily three types of SiC, that is 3C-SiC, 4H-SiC and 6H-SiC
The crystal structure of Moissanite consists of a hexagonal lattice formed by silicon and carbon atoms(6H-SiC), with each unit cell containing six silicon atoms and six carbon atoms. This structure gives Moissanite its hardness and fire similar to that of diamonds.
These three structures have different thermal conductivities.

That means the thermal conductivity of Moissanite is more than twice that of ALN(Aluminum nitride).

All the above data and information come from the following references:

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1 review for Diamondium Grade B Terp Pearls

  1. Ty Smith (verified owner)

    These pearls really work well. Thanks!