LTQ Vapor Curer 3-in-1 TC Vaporizer


LTQ Vapor CURER Kit is a high-end, easy-to-maintain portable dry burning equipment that can generate excellent steam or atomization quality, and offers stainless steel, ceramic, and quartz coils to choose from. It has two heating methods: temperature and power mode. The temperature can be adjusted from 140°F to 600°F. The temperature mode has a temperature control function; A built-in 1500mAh battery and the power mode can be adjusted from 5 watts to 35 watts(note: when smoking oil, it will directly jump to its dedicated mode 10W, adjustable range 5-11W.) to meet your needs High demand.



1 X Host device

1 x 0.40 dry herb coil

1 X 0.650 concentrate coil

1 x 1.40 oil coil

1 x Supporting tools

10x Alcohol swabs

1 x Cleaning brush

1 X Duckbill valve assembly

3 X Water tank seal 1

3 x Water tank seal 2

1 x Type-c cable

1 x User Manual



• Made Of PCTG, Zinc Alloy And Silica Gel

• 1500mah Built-In Battery

• Dry Herb Vaporizer For Dry Herb, Concentrate, Flower, And Oil.

• Temperature And Power Mode

• 060°C-315°C/ 140°F-600°F Temperature Control

• Ceramic Heating

• Advanced OLED Display

Material:PCTG, Zinc alloy, silica gelZinc Alloy
Net weight:145g
Temperature adjustment range:060°C-315°C, 5°C/step; 140°F-600°F,10°F,/step.
Power adjustment range:5W-35W, 0.5W/step, (1V-6V)
Resistance range:0.380 -2.00. 0.38-0.48(flower mode) ; 0.6-0.7 (concentrate mode); 1.0-2.0(smoking oil)
Coil resistance:0.40; 0.65; 1.40.
Working temperature:-20°C~ 85°C
Working voltage:3.3V~4.2V
Weight 150 g


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