JCVAP Ultrathin AlN Insert for Proxy Vaporizer-Dropped In-Preorder


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Are you find an third party insert for your proxy vaporizer to improve the experience of dabbing?The JCVAP designed Ultrathin Aluminum Nitride(AlN) Dropped in insert as soon as the proxy vaporizer release less than 2 months.JCVAP have over 3 years experience on producing of AlN,SiC inserts,All inserts have quality FDA test report.

Using this insert will change the flavor of the vapor.Since the dropped in insert increase the mass to be heated,there’s possible lower down the setting temperature.To improve the performance of the insert,the sidewall thickness of the insert was made to only 0.8mm regardless of cost.

Package Includes

1 x Ultrathin dropped-in AlN insert.



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