IVEID Electronic Heating Pen


The IVEID electronic heating pen is a portable heating no burn starter kit.The mini structure make it easy to carry on.It’s the best pen smoking on the go.

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electronic heating pen



*Please read this user manual carefully before operating your device.

*This device and its components must not be sold to minors.It must be not used by any children,pregnant or lactating women,or patients with heart disease,HBP,DIAB,nicotine allergy,asthma.

*Keep device and its components out of reach of children and pets.

*Store device at room temperature,don’t expose the device to excessive heat or moisture.

*keep device out of water.

*Don’t operate the device in presence of flammable materials,liquids and gasses,or in areas where oxygen is being administered.

*For safety,don’t attempt to repair or open any components of the device.

*Operate and store the device in room temperature(0-35).Excessive low or high temperature will accelerate deterioration of the battery ,or result in device fault.



Cap  ,Tobacco Stick Holder ,Stainless Steel Heating Chamber,Ceramic Heating Rod,Button & LED indication Light,Device Body, Clip,Charging Port



Dimension: 116*14mm                Device weight: 41g

Pre-heat Duration: 8s                  Heat Duration: 210s

Battery Capacity: 560mAh               Tobacco Consumption: 8-10 sticks

Working Temperature: 300℃-350℃        Charger Type: Micro 5 pin 5V/1A

Maximum power: 25W





Click the button, the LED light color would indicate the leftover battery capacity.

LED light color indication as following:


Green color :70%-100%         Blue color :30%-69%       Red color :0-29%


Use the USB cable connected with adaptor for charging.The LED light would blink different colors with leftover power levels.LED light would be off when the device is fully charged.

Charging time :40 minutes

Notice: For long time of use of device,when charging device,device can’t be operated to heat tobacco stick.

How To Use



Insert the tobacco stick into the stick holder which is in cap



Press and hold the button until the light pulses,Pre-heat Duration is 8 secs.Then light turns solid.


When the light turns solid you can enjoy the tobacco stick for 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

At the end of enjoyment,there will be another vibration is felt again,and light blinks that means there is only 30 secs left before enjoyment finishs.


During Pre-heat mode or ENJOY mode,you can both switch temperature setting by clicking the button fast 3 times within 2 seconds.


Yellow : High temperature setting;  purple :mid temperature setting; cyan low temperature setting


Waiting until the tobacco stick is cooled down,twist the tobacco stick and then remove it.


This device is designed with temperature memory function,when you heat it again,it will directly work at last temperature setting.


To ensure a good taste ,please clean your device one time every 8 tobacco sticks.

  1. Cleaning cap

Remove tobacco stick from cap,take of cap and put it is water ,using brush to clean cap and tobacco stick holder.

  1. Cleaning ceramic heating rod and stainless steel heating chamber

Please employ a gentle circular motion around heating chamber and ceramic heating rod when using the cleaning stick .

  1. Deep cleaning for ceramic heating rod

For deeply cleaning the solid ash adsorbing on heating rod, click 5 times on the button,LED light blinks white color.  Device automatic cleaning mod is started. Cleaning time is 22 seconds.

Notice : Make sure the device is switched off and cooled down before clean it. Remove tobacco stick and take of cap.





  1. I can’t insert the tobacco stick into the cap

A tobacco portion from previous tobacco stick is stuck in the cap,clean the cap and then insert the tobacco stick.

  1. The LED light not work when charging

When charged fully,LED light will turn off.

Maybe the USB cable is broken,change another USB cable.

  1. Device LED light blinks 5 times

Low battery,need charge device.

  1. Device LED light blinks 10 times.

When ceramic heating rod break or short out,LED light blinks 10 times.Contact distributor to repair. Don’t try to open device for safety.




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Weight400 g

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