ICA with Quartz Insert and Extra Hot Heater-Titanium


The titanium gold version ICA outside chamber is oxidized with Gr2 Titanium,It is medical grade titanium which will not produce any harmful substance when heating.We using advance anodizing process,no need to worry about any falling off.

Although the gold version is very beautiful.In order to make it more memorable.We only produce one batch for the Gold Version.Totally 2oopcs.No Reseller ,No Distributors.

Package Includes:

1 x ICA empty chamber titanium version

1 xExtra hot heater

1 x Top ceramic ring

1 x Quartz Insert


How to replace insert?

  1. Wash you hand clean.
  2. Please be sure to keep the atomizer vertical(So can keep the sensor don’t move and not fall off),Unscrew the top chamber.
  3. Replace the insert
  4. Hook the ceramic ring with your index finger to prevent it from moving or falling when screw it.When screw in 2 turns,Use a little force to press the insert bottom with your finger to prevent the bottom silicone pad from twisting,screw bottom chamber until it fully screwed.

How to fix the problem ICA chamber flash Red-Blue-Red-Blue light or White light?

Because the middle pin has no elasticity,it usually will cause the two side pins can’t touch well.Only thing need to do is drag out the side pins a little .Issue usually can be solved!


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