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ICA Chamber with AlN Insert for Proxy Atomizer


This is a pre-order product.There’s possible 5 business days delay on shipping for accident.

If you are tired of puffco offcial ceramic chambers.The JCVAP provide a fully new solution for your proxy vaporizer.The ICA(Insert Changeable Atomizer ) let you can use different type of material insert.Every type of insert will bring obvious different flavor to you.The chambers is detachable,so it is much easier to be cleaned than official one.And every parts can be replaced which will let you save a lot money when you offcial chambers not work.

This is a 3rd party chambers,working temperature is 30-45℉ lower than official chambers based on testing,it’s produce good vapors because of bigger insert and better thermal conductivity.

There’s 2 month of warranty from the date items shipped out.

Estimate Ship Out Date Sep,29th.First Batch only 80 pcs


This is a pre-or

Weight 50 g


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ICA Chamber with AlN Insert for Proxy Atomizer
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