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ICA 3D Chamber with Supreme AlN Insert for Pro

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We develop a new 3D coil that can heat from 3 Directions of the insert:the side wall +bottom.It assemble two groups of heating wires in the 3D coil,which will makes every point of the insert has same temperature to make sure produce pure vapor and taste.The temperature sensor direclty touch the insert to get accurate temperature,the setting is your geting.To compare with the old version of ICA or puffco peak official chamber,Our 3D atomizer no need the heating element to press the silicone grommet to keep the circuit connected,It largely avoid flash light issue.

We designed a ball carb cap with side air flow from the handle,it is much easier to control air flow and convenient to use.You can take off the tether of carb cap instead with our colorful metal ring to make you puffco looks more cool.

Previous Version of AlN,Titanium Insert fit good on new version of 3D chamber.Quartz Insert will not fit good for OD.

3D with Upgrade verison of Ruby Insert,Previous version of ICA ruby insert possible will not work correctly.

Supreme Aluminum Nitride(AlN) Insert with best thermal conductivity.It’s durable and very easy to be cleaned.You can take off the top chamber and pick out the AlN Insert out to tourch it clean after 3-7 days use.

Please don’t soak the chamber to the ISO when it is hot,it’s possible to damage heating coil.


Package Includes:

1 x ICA 3D empty chamber

1 x Supreme AlN insert

1 x Silicone chamber wrap

1 x Silicone tether

1 x Silicone Cap holder

1 x Glass Ball Cap

1 x Top Ceramic Ring

1 x O-Ring

Peak Pro Version X and 3rd party ICA’s, do they work?Yes


Weight 50 g

5 reviews for ICA 3D Chamber with Supreme AlN Insert for Pro

    Loren Baker
    April 9, 2022
    I won the lottery! I was part of the 10-20% that got a red/white flashing unit upon arrival. But, thankfully he's got a video up that shows you how to fix it and it's quick and easy. Love the aln insert it's so easy to clean and flavors come out more. The 3D heater is spot on I have less residue left in my chamber and actually feel like I'm getting more out of my extracts.
    April 6, 2022
    Fantastic upgrade over the OEM 3D chamber. Produces significantly more, higher-quality vapor when compared the Puffco 3D. One major downside comparatively is this takes significantly longer to heat up, generally around a minute and 15 seconds on the JCVap vs. about 15 seconds on the Puffco. Accordingly, this drains the battery much faster. Definitely recommended for heavy Puffco users. The fact it can be disassembled and cleaned is great.
    March 25, 2022
    Thing rips! True 3D chamber! Real CLOUDS! Who knew clouds tasted like this lol Little longer heat up time and drains ur battery a little faster but that's to be expected. Preferred Temps: 450-500
    March 23, 2022
    Mine landed today in UK. Extremely happy with it, this is my first ALN insert and I really could not be happier. Did not expect this great of flavor and vapor. So10/10 and customer service outstanding
    Captain Dabz
    March 23, 2022
    Just got mine today with the AlN insert and so far so GOOD! i was running the puffco 3D chamber right before the JCVAP one landed and the JCVAP 3D is producing WAYYYYYY more vapor with more taste as well!
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ICA 3D Chamber with Supreme AlN Insert for Pro

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