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6*19mm Mushroon Ruby Terp Spinners

5.99$ 4.49$

Lab-grown ruby and sapphire are all a type of corundum.
Corundum is a family of extremely heat-resistant and scratch-resistant gemstones.
Ruby&sapphire Pillar Features:
Material: Lab-tested synthetic corundum (aka ruby and sapphire)
Retains heat for a tasty low-temperature delivery
Disperses concentrates to reduce waste and prevent burning
Aesthetically pleasing and functional
Compatible with all quartz banger styles, just more commonly known to be used with terp slurpers.
Terp spinners are innovative accessories that help to achieve low-temperature dabs. While terp pearls are great for more traditional bangers, pillars are optimal for slurper-style bangers with a more tall and narrow chamber. In addition to improving heat retention, pills spread around the oil which reduces waste and helps you achieve a tasty temperature. Not only are they functional, terp pillars aesthetically pleasing as well. To use, simply place inside quartz banger prior to heating and use as normal.

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Weight 50 g


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6*19mm Mushroon Ruby Terp Spinners
5.99$ 4.49$
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