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3D Heater for JCVAP ICA 3D Chamber

(2 customer reviews)

39.99$ 29.99$

The JCVAP 3D heater provides an other better solution for the puffco peak pro.Temperature raise from 3D directions make the flavor more evenly.Compare to the official chamber,the ICA 3D continue much longer.We are the first company provide the 3D heater that can switch different type of inserts.

Weight 50 g

2 reviews for 3D Heater for JCVAP ICA 3D Chamber

    March 22, 2023
    I've had 2 heaters come now, perfect both times!!! This thing does take some fiddling, but just rebuild if you have problems and you'll be good! Saving me a fortune not buying puffcos bs. New heaters I can confirm are built better too, has rubber thing now for the heat sensor wire to stop it bending. Thank you!
    Anthony Reynolds
    July 5, 2022
    The first one that came pre-assembled in the 3d chamber worked great. The replacement I purchased wasn't the same style and didn't have the notch on the bottom so it broke upon trying to install. Customer service is non-existent.
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3D Heater for JCVAP ICA 3D Chamber
39.99$ 29.99$
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