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25mm Quartz E-Banger Complete E-Nail Kit

149.99$ 112.49$

The e-nail setup consists of an e-nail controller, a 220V UK plug and a 220V round e-nail coil. These are used to heat a quartz Banger (14mm male joint) with quartz insert to a high level of accuracy. Please note that if used, the quartz insert will settle to around20F below the temperature set on the controller after a 10 minute preheat, so this should be accounted for. SiC inserts will stabilise around 10-15F below the set temp but heat much faster and retain the heat better during use.

The enail controller works in Fahrenheit and does not have an option for Celsius, the stated temperature range for this setup is 220-990F. My personal setup is 500F when using the insert and 460F without.

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These have an exposed heater coil which gets very hot. Do not touch the coil or quartz banger during use, always allow time for it to cool before handling and never leave it unattended while on.

This Atomizer/Diffuser is mains powered and does not require a mod to run.

Weight 500 g


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